X(3872): a q over(q, -)-c over(c, -) molecule with attractive diquarks

Sachiko Takeuchi, V. E. Lyubovitskij, Th Gutsche, Amand Faessler

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The q over(q, -) c over(c, -) systems are investigated by a quark model with the quark correlation, which has successfully described baryon and meson mass spectra. The results show that there can be a bound state of q over(q, -) c over(c, -) isospin 1, JP C = 1+ +. This state is considered as a coupled state of the J / ψ-ρ and D-D* molecules. The size of the DD* component is smaller because the quark interaction is more attractive. We argue that this state can be X(3872).

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