X-ray Tomographic System Behavior Prediction Based on a Mathematical Model

S. S. Baus, Ludmila Anatolievna Red'ko, M. N. Yanushevskaya

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There appear certain challenges in defining the dependence of the X-ray radiation intensity change in passing through the material (as fixed by the detector) conditioned by various parameters of an X-ray optical system while designing new modifications of X-ray tomographs. At present, this problem is experimentally solved by selection of voltage corresponding parameter values on an X-ray tube with thickness and type of the studied material considered. To reduce the design time and complexity, a mathematical model of parameter behavior is required to characterize the X-ray optical system in the major working range of values. The present paper investigates the X-ray optical system behavior using methods of mathematical statistics. A regression model has been obtained which matches the change of the X-ray intensity value to the intensity in the X-ray tube. The research has defined the further study direction of X -ray optical system parameters.

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