X-ray source for irradiation of large-area objects

V. K. Petin, S. V. Shljakhtun, V. I. Oreshkin, N. A. Ratakhin

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The results of experiments with a three-ring large-area diode that were conducted on an MIG pulse generator are reported. The MIG generator makes it possible to produce in a matched load electrical pulses up to 2 TW in power with an FWHM of 50-60 ns (1.2-1.4 TW and 80-90 ns in our experiments). In the operating mode of the generator, the current amplitude through the load is 2 MA (the current of a relativistic electron beam) at a diode voltage of ≈ 500 kV. As a load, a large-area vacuum diode with three ring-shaped cathodes is used. It is shown that about 20% of the energy stored in the capacitor bank can be converted to the energy of a relativistic electron beam by matching the output resistance of the MIG generator to the load resistance. When the beam slows down on a condensed foil target, the parameters of the resulting source are the following: the mean energy of X-ray quanta is ≈ 70 keV; irradiated area, 500 cm2; pulse FWHM, 65 ns; energy flux in the spectrum, 2 J/cm 2; and percentage of X-ray radiation (10-100 keV) in the flux, ≈ 50%.

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