X ray radiological aspects of primary and reconstructive jejunal interposition

V. G. Borodulin, G. K. Zherlov, A. P. Koshel', N. A. Savel'eva, I. G. Sinilkin

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The late outcomes of primary and reconstructive jejunogastroplasty for motor and evacuatory dysfunctions of the graft and the gastrointestinal tract as whole were studied. Based on X-ray and radioisotopic findings, the paper shows the procedure used to form an artificial stomach from the large intestinal loop to obtain an invaginational valve at the site of jejunoduodenal atastomosis to be beneficial. This procedure makes it possible to recover the evacuatory function of the stomach removed, to prevent a number of postgastrectomic and postresectional disorders in the late postoperative period. Dynamic hepotobiliary scintigraphy was shown to be effective in examining the functional outcomes of gastric surgery and in diagnosing suspected reflux.

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СостояниеОпубликовано - мар 1999
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