World and Russian counter importjexport flows of mineral products

Vitaly Y. Khatkov, Grigory Y. Boyarko

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The relevance of the work is caused by the need to study the complex commodity turnover of mineral products, forming counter import-export flows, both in the world and in Russia. The aim of the study is to identify the types of mineral raw materials that form the counter import-export flows, study their trade turnover, identify problem commodity flows, and develop recommendations for optimizing the commodity turnover of mineral products. Methods: Statistical, graphical, logical. Results. Volumes of counter trade in mineral products are available in the turnover of a significant number of countries - from 22 to 61 % of their total number. The shares of oncoming trade of individual mineral products make up 4,5 to 39 % of world trade and from 0,7 to 29,3 % of world consumption, the most intensive counter trade is observed in fuel oil. Leaders of transit trade of energy mineral products are the Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, England, Denmark and Malaysia. The following groups of mineral products are distinguished in Russia from the counter import-export trade: Cross-border short haulage (cement), multidirectional spatial transport logistics (zinc and ilmenite concentrate, iron and boron ores, boric acid, thermal coal), various quality of supplied goods (graphite, magnesia, talc), stable partnerships of the CIS countries (bentonite, barite, zinc, sulfur, soda ash, titanium dioxide, ferromanganese, silicomanganese), free world trade (silver, helium, peat), irrational trade (petroleum coke, tin, feldspar, magnesium, silicon). High percentage of Russian counter-flows from commodity turnover and from consumption are observed in import-dependent (ilmenite concentrate, titanium dioxide and petroleum coke) and export-dominating (zinc and tin concentrates, silicon metal, sulfur and soda ash) mineral products. The maximum indicators of counter import-export flows among Russian mineral products are observed for zinc concentrate. Technologically irrational counter-export-import flows of rare-earth, antimony, tin and zirconium products have been established.

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