Wireless information and power transfer: A new paradigm for green communications

Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakody, John Thompson, Symeon Chatzinotas, Salman Durrani

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This book presents breakthroughs in the design of Wireless Energy Harvesting (WEH) networks. It bridges the gap between WEH through radio waves communications and power transfer, which have largely been designed separately. The authors present an overview of the RF-EHNs including system architecture and RF energy harvesting techniques and existing applications. They also cover the idea of WEH in novel discoveries of information, the theoretical bounds in WEH, wireless sensor networks, usage of modern channel coding together with WEH, energy efficient resource allocation mechanisms, distributed self-organized energy efficient designs, delay-energy trade-off, specific protocols for energy efficient communication designs, D2D communication and energy efficiency, cooperative wireless networks, and cognitive networks.

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