Wideband TEM-TE11 mode convertor for HPM applications

D. N. Bykov, Nikolay M. Bykov, I. K. Kurkan

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The mode convertor design of fundamental coaxial TEM to the lowest asymmetric TE11-mode of a circular waveguide was proposed and optimized with ANSYS HFSS software. It includes axially aligned parts: the input coaxial line with the high voltage insulator, conical coaxial matching line, wave-coax transition section and output circular waveguide. The most losses in this type of convertor caused by the wave of coaxial TE11-mode running back to the microwave source. To minimize these losses, there is the matching conical coaxial line with the cut-off insertion for coaxial TE11-mode. Characteristics of the convertor are as follows: the maximum input peak power - 3GW, the input impedance - 28Ohm, the central operating frequency - 1.14GHz. The power conversion efficiency to the output mode is from 90% upto 100% in the frequency band of 20%.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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