Welding incident mitigation at mechanical engineering

Yu V. Anishchenko, A. N. Vtorushina, T. A. Zadorozhnaya, V. E. Gorshkova

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Mechanical engineering is one of the most dynamically developing industries in many countries. Welding at the same time is one of the main processes of metal working in various industries, especially in mechanical engineering. The World Health Organization considers welding works to be harmful and dangerous for health. The present paper identifies the main factors leading to injuries during welding works at a stationary workplace. A causal tree for a welding incident has been devised and analyzed. Probability of an incident was estimated by using the expert evaluation method. It was found out that machine injury is the most probable type of incident. The aim of this article is to work out welding incident mitigation measures in the industrial sphere based on the incident probability assessment.

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