Wear Behavior of CMC and MMC under High-Speed Dry Sliding on Steel

S. N. Kulkov, N. L. Savchenko, S. F. Gnyusov

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We study the wear behavior of zirconia-based ceramic composites and WC-based hard alloys under high-speed dry sliding on steel. A pin-on-disk technique is used at a sliding speed of up to 45 m/s. It is shown that during wear tests an interlayer of very complex composition is formed, which governs non-monotonous wear and friction behavior of CMC - steel and MMC - steel couples. On the first stage the wear rate is normal and wear increases to catastrophic one. On the second stage for MMC the wear rate stabilizes together with a decrease of the friction coefficient. For CMC the wear rate reduces to its almost initial value (like for low speed 0.1 m/s). In this speed interval the CMC material exhibits wearless behavior.

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Название основной публикацииFriction, Wear and Wear Protection: International Symposium on Friction, Wear and Wear Protection 2008 Aachen, Germany
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