Water chemical composition in the salt lakes of the Ubsunur depression (Southeastern Tuva)

Ch K. Oidup, R. Sh Dongak, S. S. Shatskaya, Yu G. Kopylova

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Presented are the results from determining the principal ion composition of the waters and the composition of chemical elements, including rare and rare-earth elements) in the waters of three salt lakes: Shara-Nur, Dus-Khol and Bai-Khol, on the territory of the drainless Ubsunur depression. Common to these lakes are their small depth, and their location in the bottoms of basins without outflow, between small bald mountains in the zone of dry climate with abrupt temperature fluctuations. More likely these lakes have their origins in the remnants of ancient water basins. Accumulation of salts in the lakes is associated with continental salinization processes.

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