Waste cutters utilization in underground coal mining

Sergey Prokopenko, Alexey Vorobiev, Lyudmila Andreeva, Juraj Janočko

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With increasing depth of underground mining and complexity of mining and geological conditions, the number of wasted cutting tools increases. Increased rock hardness in coal-, ore-, salt-, gypsum and other mines leads to an increased number of cutters worn out during the operation of shearers and road headers. A lot of wasted cutters are piled up in mines. Research has shown that mainly a cutter head is worn, and up to 70-80% of the tool retains its shape almost unchanged. Reusability of a significant part of wasted cutters is proved. Design of a composite cutter providing its multiple uses and reducing wastes in underground coal mining is presented. An engineering solution on remanufacturing and reusing wasted cutters piled up in mines is suggested. This requires pre-sorting of waste and selection of suitable cutters to repair. Then, a deformed head of each worn cutter is removed, and an axial bore is drilled in the cutter tail. A replaceable cutting head is turned from a metal bar and is equipped with a carbide tip. The operating head is secured into the holder made of the worn-out tool. A shape and a mechanism of the operating head attachment ensuring the reliability of the connection are designed. Such cutter is reusable and can be mounted on combines. Industrial tests of the composite cutter in mines showed good results: one holder served as the basis for the operation of nine operating heads, and it was not required to purchase nine traditional full-size cutters. The solution reduces metal consumption by five times and ensures a significant reduction in purchase costs (up to 1.5-1.7 times), thus improving the resource efficiency of coal mining.

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