Vortex dynamics controlled by pinning centers on Nb superconductor open microtubes

R. O. Rezaev, V. M. Fomin, O. G. Schmidt

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Vortex dynamics on a Nb superconductor open microtube are studied theoretically taking into account the impact of single and multiple pinning centers. These dynamics are described by two characteristic times: the period of nucleation of vortices at one edge of the tube and the duration of motion of a vortex along the tube. Simulation reveals that the both characteristic times change by a factor of up to two due to the presence of pinning centers. Different regimes of vortex dynamics are effectively controlled by varying positions of pinning centers at given values of the applied magnetic field, the tube radius and the transport current orthogonal to the tube axis. An experimental detection of the tube curvature effects on vortex dynamics stays feasible in the presence of pinning centers.

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ЖурналPhysica C: Superconductivity and its Applications
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