Voltammetric quality control of bioactive additives: Determination of B1, B2, C, E vitamins and quercetin

G. B. Slepchenko, L. S. Anisimova, V. F. Slipchenko, Elena Valentionovna Mikheeva, N. P. Pikula

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Rapid voltammetric procedures for the determination of water-soluble vitamins C, B1, and B2, fat-soluble vitamin E (α-tocopherol acetate), and quercetin in bioactive food additives have been developed. The systematic error (i.e., correctness) of the proposed procedures was evaluated using certified reference materials and the additive recovery tests, which gave the following limiting metrological characteristics: relative error, 25 %; reproducibility, 28 %; convergence, 22 %. The full analysis time (with sample preparation) did not exceed 2 hours. Voltammetric determinations under optimum conditions can be performed in the automated regime controlled by a computer according to the specially developed software.

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