Voltametrické stanovení triclosanu pomocí systému jednorázových měrných cel s integrovanou uhlíkovou elektrodou

Milan Libánský, Jiří Zima, Jiří Barek, Hana Dejmková

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Optimum conditions were found for the determination of Triclosan, an environmental pollutant, by differential pulse voltammetry using a system of two types of new disposable electrochemical cells with integrated carbon composite film electrode. Concentration dependences were measured in a mixture of a buffer of pH 7 and methanol (9:1, V/V). The calculated Triclosan quantification limits were 1.64 and 0.85 μmol dm-3 for carbon-polystyrene (PS) and carbon-polycarbonate (PC) composite electrodes, respectively. The attempt to increase the sensitivity of the determination by adsorptive accumulation of Triclosan was not successful. The method was verified by the determination in a toothpaste using extraction. Concentration of the analyte was determined by the standard addition method. In the case of C-PS electrode, very good repeatability of the measurements was found. In the case of C-PC electrode, lower results and a worse repeatability were observed.

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