Voltammetric determination of Tartrazine in food

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A possibility of using voltammetry for the direct determination of yellow synthetic food dye Tartrazine, included in the list of substances regulated in food, is demonstrated. The electrochemical behavior of the dye is studied by direct current voltammetry using a glassy carbon electrode. It is shown that the signal of Tartrazine electrochemical reduction is the most pronounced in an acidic medium at pH 2.0, accumulation potential of 0.1 V, and time of 10 s. The dependence of the electrochemical reduction current of the dye at a potential of–0.25 V on its concentration is linear in the range 0.05–0.50 mg/L with the determination limit 0.034 mg/L and detection limit 0.011 mg/L. A procedure for quantifying the dye in food is proposed.

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