Voltage Induced by Superconducting Vortices in Open Nanostructured Microtubes

Roman Rezaev, Evgeny Posenitskiy, Ekaterina Smirnova, Evgenii Levchenko, Oliver G. Schmidt, Vladimir M. Fomin

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Using the finite-difference time-domain simulation, voltage induced by moving vortices as a function of the transport current and magnetic field is analyzed for rolled up nanostructured microtubes. Open superconductor tubes are shown to produce less dissipation as compared to the planar structures under the same magnetic field and transport current. The induced voltage as a function of the magnetic field provides information about the vortex pattern. In particular, an increase of the number of vortex chains in the tube results in a sixfold decrease of a slope of the induced voltage as a linear function of the magnetic field.

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ЖурналPhysica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters
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