Visualization of medical data based on EHR standards

Georgy Kopanitsa, C. Hildebrand, J. Stausberg, K. H. Englmeier

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Background: To organize an efficient interaction between a doctor and an EHR the data has to be presented in the most convenient way. Medical data presentation methods and models must be flexible in order to cover the needs of the users with different backgrounds and requirements. Most visualization methods are doctor oriented, however, there are indications that the involvement of patients can optimize healthcare. Objectives: The research aims at specifying the state of the art of medical data visualization. The paper analyzes a number of projects and defines requirements for a generic ISO 13606 based data visualization method. In order to do so it starts with a systematic search for studies on EHR user interfaces. Methods: In order to identify best practices visualization methods were evaluated according to the following criteria: limits of application, customizability, re-usability. The visualization methods were compared by using specified criteria. Results: The review showed that the analyzed projects can contribute knowledge to the development of a generic visualization method. However, none of them proposed a model that meets all the necessary criteria for a re-usable standard based visualization method. The shortcomings were mostly related to the structure of current medical concept specifications. Conclusion: The analysis showed that medical data visualization methods use hardcoded GUI, which gives little flexibility. So medical data visualization has to turn from a hardcoded user interface to generic methods. This requires a great effort because current standards are not suitable for organizing the management of visualization data. This contradiction between a generic method and a flexible and user-friendly data layout has to be overcome.

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ЖурналMethods of Information in Medicine
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