Vircator with electron beam premodulation built around a high-current pulsed-periodic accelerator

S. A. Kitsanov, Alexey Ivanovich Klimov, S. D. Korovin, I. K. Kurkan, I. V. Pegel, S. D. Polevin

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Theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies of a vircator with the premodulation of a dm-wave electron beam are performed. Possible oscillation mechanisms in virtual-cathode systems (modulation of passing current, effect of reflex klystron, and inertial bunching of particles reflected) are analyzed. The microwave efficiency of the vircator using a two-gap electrodynamic system is shown to be significantly higher than that of the vircator with a one-gap system. Based on the results of the numerical experiment, a prototype of a two-stage vircator in the absence of an external magnetic field is designed. In experiments using a high-current pulsed-periodic accelerator, single-mode oscillations with a power of up to 1 GW, a duration of ≈25 ns, and an efficiency of ≈5% are generated in the dm-wave range. The oscillation frequency is demonstrated to be stable during a pulse and from pulse to pulse, which suggests the decisive effect of the electrodynamic system. It is shown that the oscillation frequency can continuously be tuned in a half-power bandwidth of ≈15% by varying the parameters of the resonator.

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ЖурналTechnical Physics
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