Vector-multiplet effective action in the non-anticommutative charged hypermultiplet model

I. L. Buchbinder, O. Lechtenfeld, I. B. Samsonov

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    We investigate the quantum aspects of a charged hypermultiplet in deformed N = (1, 1) superspace with singlet non-anticommutative deformation of supersymmetry. This model is a "star" modification of the hypermultiplet interacting with a background Abelian vector superfield. We prove that this model is renormalizable in the sense that the divergent part of the effective action is proportional to the N = (1, 0) non-anticommutative super-Yang-Mills action. We also calculate the finite part of the low-energy effective action depending on the vector multiplet, which corresponds to the (anti)holomorphic potential. The holomorphic piece is just deformed to the star-generalization of the standard holomorphic potential, while the antiholomorphic piece is not. We also reveal the component structure and find the deformation of the mass and the central charge.

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