Valve self-excited oscillator of nanosecond radiopulses

S. N. Artemenko, V. L. Kaminskij, Yu G. Yushkov

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Device designed for generating powerful shf-pulses of nanosecond duration was described. The device could be used in superwide band radiolocation, in accelerating techniques, in case of performing studies in plasma physics and other branches of science and technique where sources of powerful coherent electromagnetic radiation were needed. The self-excited oscillator was shown to operate in frequency-periodic regime with pulse recurrence rate from solitary up to 1 kHz; the oscillator was designed for fixed operating frequency within the range of 300-3000 MHz with fixed level of pulsed power from dozens of kilowatts up to 1 MWt; pulse duration by 0.5 level was 1-5 ns.

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