UV and VUV excilamps with high peak power

Victor Tarasenko, Mikhail Erofeev, Mikhael Lomaev, Dmitry Rybka, Alexei Panchenko, Eduard Sosnin, Victor Skakun, Dmitry Schitz

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Design and output parameters of pulse sources of spontaneous UV and VUV radiation based on the non-equilibrium discharge plasma of high-pressures gases are presented in this paper. Emission characteristics of plasma of diffuse discharge preionized by runaway electrons and barrier discharge in rare gases and mixtures of rare gases with halogens have been investigated in gases at pressure up to 15 atm at excitation power up to 100 MW/cm 3. The radiant power from 4π solid angle up to 1.2 MW with pulse duration of ∼ 8 ns on Xe 2* dimers were obtained at 12 atm pressure xenon. A high-voltage (up to 150 kV) short pulsed excitation mode was tested on dielectric barrier discharge KrCI- and XeBr-excilamps.

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ЖурналJournal of Light and Visual Environment
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