Utilization of carbon paste electrodes for the voltammetric determination of chlortoluron

Hana Dejmkova, Lucie Houskova, Jiri Barek, Jiri Zima

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Conventional (CPE) and miniaturized (m-CPE) carbon paste electrodes consisting of a carbon paste filled capillary were used for differential pulse voltammetric determination of chlortoluron in samples of river water and soil, in the latter case after the extraction by methanol. Britton-Robinson buffer pH3 with low content of methanol was found to be optimal for the determination. The achieved determination limits were 2.8μmolL-1 and 0.34μmolL-1 in river water, and 3.1 and 4.3μgg-1 in soil, using CPE and m-CPE, respectively.

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