Using Neural Networks for Diagnosing in Dermatology

Margarita Bobrova, Maksim Taranik, Georgy Kopanitsa

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The paper deals with neural networks for decision support in diagnosing in dermatology. There were several iterations during development. We classified six diseases using ANN: (1) Psoriasis, (2) Seborrheic dermatitis, (3) Lichen planus, (4) Pityriasis rosea, (5) Cronic dermatitis, (6) Pityriasis rubra pilaris. At first, we used all 35 attributes to conclude skin disease diagnosis with the accuracy of 96.9%. Then, we reduced the set of analyzed attributes by Pearson correlation approach to eight attributes and increased the accuracy to 98.64%. Data collection time was reduced. Thereby, the speed of the diagnosing process was increased and, as a result, it was possible to form a treatment plan more effectively. The tools used for neural network development were the Python language, Keras library and PyCharm platform.

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ЖурналStudies in Health Technology and Informatics
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