Using a plane wave approximation in simulation of radiation distribution in an X-ray Talbot interferometer

A. S. Gogolev, M. A. Kazaryan, A. V. Obkhodsky, A. S. Popov, R. O. Rezaev, E. A. Smirnova

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This study is devoted to the analysis of the plane-wave approximation applicability to X-ray radiation incident on an object. Based on simple calculations, it is shown that an X-ray tube focal spot 0.4 × 0.8 mm in size at distances of ~1 m can be considered as a point source; however, the plane-wave approximation for such X-ray radiation with energy E = 22keV is valid for radiation source–object distances much longer than 10 m.

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ЖурналBulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute
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