Use of thorium in thermal-neutron reactors: Computation model and comparison of neutronic codes

A. Naymushin, Y. U. Chertkov, I. Lebedev, M. Anikin

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This research is about feasibility study for using thorium-based fuel composition in commercial nuclear power reactors. The article describes comparison of different type of software resources for carrying out neutronic computations for reactor core. To carry out neutronphysical computations the following software resources were chosen: MCU-PTR, WIMSD-5B, WIMS-ANL. Results of research show that precision software MCU-PTR (Monte Carlo method) demonstrates most accuracy results of calculations. WIMS-family software can be used only for estimated calculations because of its one-dimensional geometrical model. However, isotopic concentrations in fuel assembles during fuel cycle are correct for all of three software. Moreover, showed software allow calculate changes of reactivity margin.

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ЖурналJournal of Industrial Pollution Control
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