Use of the ground penetrating radar methods for paleontology on example of the mammoth fauna investigation

S. P. Lukjanov, R. A. Stepanov, I. A. Chernyi, O. V. Stukach

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In the paper, methods of ground penetrating radar (GPR) are investigated with the purpose of wild animal remains detection, in particular, borders of the mammoth valley and character of the bone fragments. Object of researches are radar methods and GPR systems, a method of detection of the mammoths burial zones, algorithms of processing and representation of the paleontologic data. GPR researches in total amount of 12,000 meters of the GPR profiles are carried out by Radar R&D on terrain "Lugovskoe" (25 kms from Khanty-Mansiysk). As a result of investigations, the congestion zone of the bone remain of mammoths are found out. From the results of experimental researches, the GPR method is practically approved for monitoring of subsurface media with the purpose of revealing the zones interesting for paleontology. The technique of GPR researches is fulfilled and its efficiency is appreciated.

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Событие4th European Radar Conference, EURAD - Munich, Германия
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