Use of complex nanopowder (Al2O3, Si, Ni, Ti, W) in production of electrodes for manual arc welding

Sergey V. Makarov, Sergey Borisovich Sapozhkov

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One of the most essential characteristics of a weld is its strength. The mechanical properties of weld metal can be enhanced in a number of ways.One of them is to include nanopowder into weld metal. In this article, it is offered to add nanopowder to the components of a welding electrode through liquid glass at the stage of its production. This will help to enhance the arc stability and increase the strength of a weld joint, which will in its turn have a positive effect both on the quality of the weld joint and on the safety of the construction in general. There is not much information published on to the use of nanostructured materials in the welding production. However, for the recent years the research in using nanopowders in the welding industry has increased.

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