Unmasking of aminoanthroquinone moiety through a ring opening in the presence of copper salts and a subsequent cross-coupling/recyclization cascade

S. F. Vasilevsky, L. M. Gornostaev, A. A. Stepanov, E. V. Arnold, I. V. Alabugin

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In the presence of copper(I) salts, 3-bromo- or 3-iodoisoxazoles undergo isoxazole ring opening to give keto amines that can undergo further one-pot cascade cross-coupling/recyclization transformation into an extended flat polyaromatic ring system that can provide an interesting new platform for the design of DNA intercalators. If necessary, the three-step reaction cascade can be interrupted at a desired intermediate step through a judicious choice of reaction temperature and catalyst.

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ЖурналTetrahedron Letters
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