Underground waters of petroliferous deposits of the Nyurol'ka sedimentary basin (Tomsk Region)

S. L. Shvartsev, T. N. Silkina, E. A. Zhukovskaya, V. V. Trushkin

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Analysis of the available data has shown that the hydrogeologic conditions of the Nyurol'ka basin are determined by a wide occurrence of sedimentation waters, in places diluted by ancient infiltration waters. This basin is characterized by vertical hydrodynamic and hydrogeochemical zoning and elision regime, which favors oil and gas formation. We have established that the Lower-Middle Jurassic sediments are fed by their own saline waters as well as by the waters of Paleozoic and Upper Jurassic complexes at the sites where permeable sediments exist. This explains mixing of different genetic types of waters in the sediments. We have first revealed the existence of vertical water cross-flows between aquiferous complexes, which generally does not disturb their hydrodynamic isolation.

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