Ultrasonically assisted fabrication of vaterite submicron-sized carriers

Yu I. Svenskaya, H. Fattah, A. M. Zakharevich, D. A. Gorin, G. B. Sukhorukov, B. V. Parakhonskiy

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Ultrasonically accomplished precipitation of calcium carbonate was demonstrated as a novel beneficial method for the formation of porous submicron vaterite particles with low dispersity, high mass yield, and the "scaling up" possibility. The effect of sonication on the size and crystallographic phase of formed particles was investigated by comparing this method with a magnetic stirring and non-stirring interfusion. By virtue of their porosity, vaterite particles allow the different substance incorporation. The loading properties of synthesized particles were demonstrated for high molecular weight substance (labeled protein), as well as for low molecular one (fluorescent dye). Such features open up perspectives of drug encapsulation and delivery for the vaterite submicron carriers.

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ЖурналAdvanced Powder Technology
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