Ultrasonic focusing with mesoscale polymer cuboid

Daniel Tarrazó-Serrano, Constanza Rubio, Oleg V. Minin, Antonio Uris, Igor V. Minin

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In this paper, we demonstrate that, contrary to what the Geometrical Optics laws dictate, a flat polymer mesoscale cuboid immersed in water with no need of negative refraction can focus sound. Two main polymers were considered and lens parameters compared: PMMA and Rexolite®. It was concluded that Rexolite® is preferable for acoustic jet formation. The nature of the formation of the foci along the longitudinal axis, that is to say along the wave propagation axis, is numerically and experimentally demonstrated. In addition, the conditions under which a cubic particles lens of this type forms a single localized region with a sub-diffraction transverse size (approximately 0.44 wavelength) are determined. The comparisons of the acoustic wave pressures and the focal distance between the Finite Element Method based numerical results and the experimental results show fair agreement.

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