Ultrafast Sharpening of a Hard-Alloy Tool

D. S. Rechenko, A. Yu Popov, A. S. Babaev, N. V. Laptev

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Abstract: The sharpening of hard-alloy cutting tools affects their life and reliability and the quality of the machined surface. In the case of imported tools for high-precision machining, the rounding radius of the cutting edge after sharpening is 10–15 µm. That permits machining with chip thickness no less than 20–30 µm. This limit is often critical, since the machining precision of some important components is 3–5 µm. In addition, such sharpening shortens the potential tool life. If sharpening is improved so that the rounding radius of the cutting edge is 3–5 µm, the machining precision is enhanced and tool life is extended. That improves machining [2].

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