UCNP-based photoluminescent nanomedicines for targeted imaging and theranostics of cancer

Evgenii L. Guryev, Anita S. Smyshlyaeva, Natalia Y. Shilyagina, Evgeniya A. Sokolova, Samah Shanwar, Alexey B. Kostyuk, Alexander V. Lyubeshkin, Alexey A. Schulga, Elena V. Konovalova, Quan Lin, Indrajit Roy, Irina V. Balalaeva, Sergey M. Deyev, Andrei V. Zvyagin

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Theranostic approach is currently among the fastest growing trends in cancer treatment. It implies the creation of multifunctional agents for simultaneous precise diagnosis and targeted impact on tumor cells. A new type of theranostic complexes was created based on NaYF4: Yb,Tm upconversion nanoparticles coated with polyethylene glycol and functionalized with the HER2-specific recombinant targeted toxin DARPin-LoPE. The obtained agents bind to HER2-overexpressing human breast adenocarcinoma cells and demonstrate selective cytotoxicity against this type of cancer cells. Using fluorescent human breast adenocarcinoma xenograft models, the possibility of intravital visualization of the UCNP-based complexes biodistribution and accumulation in tumor was demonstrated.

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