Typomorphism of pyrites of the olhovsk8chibizhek gold field (EAST SAYAN)

Anatoliy Ya Pshenichkin, Roman Yu Gavrilov

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The relevance of the work is caused by the need for a comprehensive mineralogical8geochemical study of gold deposits to create pre8 dictive8search models of ore objects. The aim of the research is to study the typomorphic properties of pyrite (crystallomorphology, element8impurities, thermo8emf) from different8temperature mineral associations and generations of ore bodies and near8ore metasomatites of gold ore deposits in the Olkhovsko8Chibizhek ore field. Methods: crystallomorphology, thermo8emf, statistical processing of geochemical data, spatial modeling of typomorphic properties of pyrite. Results. Typomorphic properties of pyrite8crystal - morphology, impurity elements, thermo8emf, naturally vary in the volume of ore bo8 dies in the Olkhovsko8Chibizhek ore field deposits and from early high8temperature mineral associations to the final stages of formation of deposits. Pyrites of deposits of the ore field are mainly represented by crystals of cubic habit, the number of crystals of which regu8 larly decreases from west to east (and wave8like with the depth of ore bodies with wave amplitude 200..240 m) from Lysogorskoe to Medvezhye and Konstantinovskoe deposits. The greatest combination resistance of pyrite crystals in {100}+{210}, {100}+{210}+{111}, and at Lysogorskoe deposit - {100}+{321} (more than 50 %), where the {321} face crystals is poorly developed and is characteristic of low8 temperature mineral associations and upper parts of ore bodies. Pyrites of ore bodies of deposits are enriched with Ag, Pb, Zn, Pt, As and especially Au, which are very characteristic for many gold ore objects in Siberia and other regions. In the pyrites of the upper parts of ore zones and overhead haloes, the concentrations of Ag, Ba, Sb, and Hg are high, and the pyrites of the middle parts of ore bodies and ore columns are greatly enriched in Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn, Bi, Pt, in the basal areas and in places of their wedging along the strike and dip in pyrite, Ni, Co, U, often As. Increased concentrations of Pt and Pd were detected in the pyrite deposits of the ore field and in the ephes of the Olkhov concentrator. Pyrites of ore bodies and ore metasomatites of ore field deposits have predominant electronic (Kon8 stantinovskoe), electron8hole (Medvezhye) or hole (Lysogorskoe) conductivity. With the depth of ore bodies and from the west to the east of the ore field from Lysogorskoe to Medvezhye and Konstantinovskoe deposits, the electronic type of conductivity of pyrites na8 turally increases, both from productive mineral associations and from near8ore metasomatites. Based on the revealed typomorphic fea8 tures of pyrite: crystallomorphology, element8impurities and thermo8emf, regularly changing in space and time, one can judge the level of erosion cut of ore bodies and deposits, their prospects to depth and flanks. Mineralogical mapping of pyrite to gold must be carried out (in conjunction with other methods of investigation) at all stages of geological exploration.

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