Typification of engineering and geological conditions of the territory of the route of the projected railway Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino

Lyudmila A. Strokova, Yulia Yu Nadezhdina

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The study is relevant due to the development of the project of the first railway in Tyva, which should link Tyva with the Krasnoyarsk territory. The route is planned in very difficult engineering-geological conditions. This article presents the typification of engineering and geological conditions of the territory of the route. An engineering-geological evaluation is necessary in order to prepare decision making on land planning and land use of the area but also so that necessary industrial and infrastructure development can be carried out with smaller impacts on breakable environments as well as reducing hazards and damage to constructions with consequent savings to people and property. This study aims to conduct typological engineering-geological zoning of the region, taking into account the latest work on the study of engineering-geological conditions of the route. Object of the study is the geological environment of the area of the projected railway Kuragino-Kyzyl. We considered the main natural components, which influence land use planning and development, such as lithology; topography; seismotectonic; geotechnic; hydrology-hydrogeology and permafrost. Methods: brief review of relevant literature; analysis of information obtained from geological survey company files, the definition of criterions, signs and methods of zoning. All information layers about the natural environment were processed, and then combined to produce a single engineering-geological map of regions. Results. We selected the classification features of the geological environment of the study area and produced a map of zoning of engineering-geological conditions of the study. Moreover, we gave the characteristics of the selected taxa. Summary. A brief description of the main factors of the regional engineering-geological situation is given and the results of zoning based on the principle of formation analysis and classification of engineering-geological conditions of the territory are introduced.

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