Tunable depth of focus of acoustical pupil masked Soret Zone Plate

Sergio Castiñeira-Ibáñez, Daniel Tarrazó-Serrano, Oleg V. Minin, Constanza Rubio, Igor V. Minin

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In acoustical lenses both resolution and depth of focus are determined by diffraction and the smaller the lens aperture the worse the resolution and the greater the depth of focus. Diffraction-limited resolution has a Soret Zone Plate, but a long depth of focus has an axicon. Nevertheless, these are two different devices each of which requires its own independent design. In this paper, we have shown that the transition from focusing to a diffraction limited spot to a quasi-diffraction free beam can be realized in the same focusing device without changing its topology. It has been shown that using a classical planar Soret Zone Plate lens made of a concentric array of circular aperiodical rings with an amplitude pupil mask placed closely to the surface of lens allows to form a quasi-Bessel beams under specific conditions, part of a diffracted wave collimates, producing an elongated focus. Experiments are performed in water tanks in order to verify the simulation results. Experimental verification shown that the depth of focus of a pupil-masked Soret Zone Plate increases 1.63 times and resolution increases 1.2 times (with minimal beam waist about of 0.67 of wavelength and depth of focus about 5.72 of wavelength). By dynamically controlling the size of the amplitude pupil mask, it is possible to quickly control the depth of focus of an acoustic lens.

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