Transfer processes in vortex flow

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Fundamentals of vortex dynamics in application to the problems of power engineering are presented in the current presentation. Recent advances in diagnostics and simulation of vortex flows, multiphase media, flames and heat and mass transfer processes are presented. The basic vortex-based control methods of transfer processes are considered; they are divided into the passive (flow swirl, developed heat exchange surfaces with fins, holes and microrelief) and active (mixing, periodic forcing) methods. Examples of vortex technology application in power engineering, including heat exchangers, burners, furnaces, combustion chambers, hydroturbines and multiphase apparatuses of cyclone and condenser types, are described. In some technical applications several vortex devices and methods are used simultaneously, for instance, in coalwater fuel combustion technology. The conclusions addressing efficiency of application of vortex devices (methods) in different power engineering challenges are made.

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