Trace Elements in the Lung Tissue Affected by Sarcoidosis

Olga Denisova, George Chernogoryuk, Natalya Baranovskaya, Leonid Rikhvanov, Nikolaj Shefer, Galina Chernjavskaya, Inna Palchikova, Tatyana Kalacheva

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In the lungs of 76 patients with verified sarcoidosis, 28 chemical elements were identified with neutron activation analysis. High levels of Ca, Fe, Cr, Co, Cs, Eu, Lu, Th, Hf, Au, and U and low level of Na compared to the control samples were determined in sarcoidosis. There were no significant differences in the content of Zn, Rb, La, Sm, Sr, Nd, As, Br, Ag, Tb, Sc, Ta, Sb, Ba, and Yb. Spearman correlation analysis shows multiple positive associations, with the maximum being in pairs as follows: Fe-Cr, Eu-La, Ce-Lu, Hf-Cr, Sc-Zn, Fe-Hf, Ce-Co, and Sb-Cr. These studies support the hypothesis that sarcoidosis is a response of the organism in the form of granulomatous inflammation when exposed to heavy metals and rare earth elements in the environment. We assume that the role of calcium and iron is to separate granulomas from the tissues of the body.

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ЖурналBiological Trace Element Research
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    Denisova, O., Chernogoryuk, G., Baranovskaya, N., Rikhvanov, L., Shefer, N., Chernjavskaya, G., Palchikova, I., & Kalacheva, T. (2020). Trace Elements in the Lung Tissue Affected by Sarcoidosis. Biological Trace Element Research, 196(1), 66-73.