Towards smart education and lifelong learning in Russia

Lyudmila Krivova, Olga Imas, Evgeniia Moldovanova, Peter J. Mitchell, Venera Sulaymanova, Konstantin P. Zolnikov

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This paper describes the experience of introducing smart technology into the educational process at a Russian university between 2010-2016. Particular attention is paid to such innovative and smart techniques as training sessions, group teaching methods, role-playing games, the use of smart components, etc. The authors propose a method to enhance students’ motivation for independent and life-long learning. This approach was trialed with students majoring in power engineering and the results are discussed. The main challenges in introducing smart technology are described, and areas for future development and improvement are identified.

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НазваниеSmart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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    Krivova, L., Imas, O., Moldovanova, E., Mitchell, P. J., Sulaymanova, V., & Zolnikov, K. P. (2018). Towards smart education and lifelong learning in Russia. В Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies (Том 70, стр. 357-383). (Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies; Том 70). Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH.