Towards an automated management of well-being goals in nursing homes

Carlos Müller, Pablo Fernández, Antonio Ruiz-Cortés, Fabio Casati

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Nursing home culture change movement advocates for care that is less hospital-like, and more patient-centered. Despite being a step towards the good direction in providing a proper service for elderly people, considering their well-being is not easy due to a number of factors as: specific treatments with a high price; the number of involved stakeholders (e.g. patient, doctors, relatives, nursing home clerks, funding organisations, etc); or the difficulties to gather an accurate measure for the patients well-being. In current position paper we devise some potential challenges that arise in this context and we provide our insights on potential techniques to solve them by means of a framework to automate the management of well-being goals in nursing homes.

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Название основной публикацииGerontechnology - 2nd International Workshop, IWoG 2019, Revised Selected Papers
РедакторыJosé García-Alonso, César Fonseca
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Событие2nd International Workshop on Gerontechnology, IWoG 2019 - Cáceres, Испания
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Конференция2nd International Workshop on Gerontechnology, IWoG 2019

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