Topological solitons in a gauged CP (2) model

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(2+1)-Dimensional Abelian gauged CP(2) model with a self-interaction potential is considered. It is shown that there are topological solitons in this model. The magnetic flux of these solitons can be either quantized or nonquantized. Properties of the topological soliton with quantized magnetic flux are investigated as well as properties of the topological soliton with nonquantized magnetic flux. A comparative analysis of the properties is performed for the topological solitons of both types. Solutions of the model field equations are obtained numerically for the topological solitons of both types. The dependencies on the model parameters are presented for the energy and magnetic flux of the solitons. The stability of the topological solitons of both types to the decay into solitons with smaller topological charges is studied numerically. Possible generalizations of the investigated topological solitons are discussed.

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