I. Z. Gleizer, L. P. Dronova, A. G. Zherlitsyn, G. I. Kotlyarevskii, B. V. Okulov, V. S. Tak, G. E. Remnev, N. S. Rudenko, V. A. Tuzov, V. I. Smetanin, Yury Petrovich Usov, A. A. Shatanov

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A high-current electron accelerator rated at an energy of up to 2 MeV with a beam current of up to 80 kA for a beam duration of similar 40 nsec is described. The pulse of accelerated voltage is created by means of a double shaping line with pulse charging from an Arkad'ev-Marx generator. Commutation of the current in the shaping line is accomplished by a multichannel gas spark gap. The electrons are emitted by cold cathode and accelerated in a one-gap accelerating space. Prime attention in the paper is devoted to the electrical portion of the accelerator.

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Издание3 Part 1
СостояниеОпубликовано - мая 1974

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