To the theory of magnetically insulated transmission lines

Svyatoslav Ya Belomyttsev, V. Alexander Kirikov, V. Victor Ryzhov

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In this paper, the model of the wave propagating in the magnetically insulated transmission line (MITL) is proposed allowing to determine the potential of the anode boundary of the electron sheath near the cathode and thus the total current in the wave. The model is based on energy and axial momentum conservation, as well as on "average electron" approximation, which means that all the electrons leaking to the anode at the front of the wave have the same energy and incidance angle. Conversion of the sheath current to the cathode current (retrapping) at the wave reflection from the load is considered. Noticeable retrapping is predicted even in a nearmatched mode, i.e., when the variation of voltage and current after the reflection is negligible.

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Название основной публикацииTransmission Lines: Theory, Types and Applications
ИздательNova Science Publishers, Inc.
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    Belomyttsev, S. Y., Kirikov, V. A., & Ryzhov, V. V. (2011). To the theory of magnetically insulated transmission lines. В Transmission Lines: Theory, Types and Applications (стр. 237-257). Nova Science Publishers, Inc..