Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of LiNbO3 alter Irradiation with Pulsed Electron Beams

V. Yu Yakovlev, E. V. Kabanova, T. Weber, P. Paufler

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Experimental data on the study of short-lived colour centres and luminescence centres are presented which form in LiNbO3 crystals due to the bombardment by short electron pulses (0.25 eV, 20 ns, 15-160 mJ/cm2) in the temperature range 80-350 K. It is shown that the transitional absorption bands at 2.45 and 3.25 eV are attributable (i) to polarons formed by constitutional Li vacancies and holes, (ii) to Nb4+ Li complexes which form either polarons at NbNb-NLi bonds or bipolarons at NbLi-NbLi bonds. With these centres anisotropic absorption bands at 1.6 eV and weakly polarised bands at 4.0 eV are connected.

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