Three types of self-activated luminescence centers in CdS: O

N. K. Morozova, N. D. Danilevich, V. I. Oleshko, Svetlana Sergeevna Vil'chinskaya

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The cathodoluminescence and X-ray-luminescence spectra of CdS:O crystals are studied. For these CdS:O crystals the oxygen content, the dependence of the band gap on the substitutional oxygen content [OS], and the band model calculated on the basis of band anticrossing theory are known. New data on the three types of self-activated luminescence, specifically, edge luminescence and luminescence related to SA and F + centers in CdS are obtained. The conditions of the formation of these luminescence centers under changes in the system of intrinsic point defects in CdS crystals containing oxygen are established.

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