Thermooxidative degradation of composites based on epoxy resin and metal nanopowders

Dmitry Lipchansky, Olga Nazarenko

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The thermooxidative degradation behavior of the epoxy composites filled with metal nanopowders has been investigated by thermogravimetric analysis under nonisothermal conditions in air atmosphere. The mechanical characteristics of epoxy composites were also studied by three-point bending method. The comparison of two different types of metal nanopowder was made. Aluminum and copper nanopowders prepared by electrical explosion of wires were used as fillers separately as well as in combination with conventional fame-retardant boric acid. It was shown that aluminum nanopowder increased slightly thermal stability of the epoxy composites. On the contrary, the introduction of copper nanopowder in epoxy resin led to rapid degradation of the epoxy composite. The combination of metal nanopowders and boric acid improved thermal stability of the epoxy composites. The highest flexural properties were shown by the epoxy composite filled with copper nanopowder.

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