Thermomagnetometric analysis of lithium ferrites

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In this work, the magneto-phase transitions in pure lithium (Li0.5Fe2.5O4), lithium–zinc (Li0.4Fe2.4Zn0.2O4) and lithium–titanium (Li0.6Fe2.2Ti0.2O4) ferrites were studied by the thermogravimetric analysis in magnetic field, which is known as the thermomagnetometry method. The ferrites were prepared by the solid-state synthesis from oxides and carbonates. The Curie point of magnetic phase in ferrites and their composite mixtures was determined from the derivative thermogravimetric curve in the region of ferrite mass change associated with the ferrimagnet–paramagnet transition in the magnetic phase. The method based on the analysis of ferrite mass change at Curie temperature was developed to estimate the ferrite phase concentrations in composite magnetic materials.

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