Thermal stability of refractive index of polymethylmethacrylate layers prepared under electrical field

O. Lyutakov, I. Huttel, Vaclav Švorčík

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Thin films of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) were prepared by spin-coating with and without assistance of electrical field. Refractive index of the films was studied as a function of PMMA molecular weight and the time of specimen aging proceeding at different temperatures. The PMMA aging rate was modified by addition of non-polar polystyrene (PS). Refractive index and the aging rate of the films prepared under electrical field are inversely proportional to PMMA molecular weight. From calculated activation energy it is speculated that observed reorientation of PMMA macromolecules at elevated temperature is mostly due to a movement of side polar groups. Thermal stability of films composed of PMMA and PS increases with increasing fraction of PS. No measurable change of refractive index of the PMMA films with 4-10 wt.% PS admixture was observed even after 330 h of aging at 363 K, so that in these films no reorientation of PMMA dipoles occurs. Such films are considered as prospective materials for fabrication of planar optical waveguides.

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