Thermal patterns in evaporating liquid

Carlo S. Iorio, Oleg A. Kabov, Jean Claude Legros

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In this paper, some of the preparatory experiments of the ESA sponsored space program CIMEX-1 are presented. A liquid layer of variable thickness is subject to a flow of inert gas. The non-uniform evaporation induced by the gas flow creates a temperature gradient parallel to the interface triggering in that way thermocapillary convection. The combined action of evaporation, thermocapillarity and gravity has been not completely clarified both theoretically and experimentally. The experiment presented in this work concerns a liquid layer of ethanol of 2.2 mm thickness in presence of a mass flow of Nitrogen whose intensity varies in the range of hundreds of milliliter per minute. The experiments were performed at an initial liquid temperature of 21°C. The patterns observed are strongly dependent on the flow rate of inert gas. A change in the instability patterns has been observed for a gas flow of about 1.7 l/min.

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