The use of Betula Pendula R. Leaves for the assessment of environmental pollution by metals around tailings from a gold deposit (Western Siberia, Russia)

Dmitry V. Yusupov, Tatiana S. Bolshunova, Antonina M. Mezhibor, Leonid P. Rikhvanov, Natalia V. Baranovskaya

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The research represents the results of the study of metals in the leaves of Betula pendula R. in the settlement Ursk around the tailings of the former gold-polymetallic deposit located in Kemerovo region in the south of Western Siberia. 17 leaf samples were collected by the radial net with the step of 150-200 meters. The concentrations of chemical elements in the dry leaf matter were determined by the ICP-MS method. The concentrations of Hg, Ni, Cd, Pb, Zn, Ag, Sb, Ba, Co, and As in the leaves from 3 to 11 times exceed the background (reference) values. Close to the wastes of initial ore at the western side of the tailings, orthomorphic biogeochemical halos of Hg, Pb, As, Sb and Ag are localized. Close to the rock dump from the oxidation zone in the eastern side of the tailings, polyelemental halos of Zn and Cd are localized. The halos of Hg, Pb, As and Sb are also observed in the “cone region” in the southern swamped part of the tailings. Therefore, these elements are active migrants. Additive indexes on the concentration ratio of essential and toxic metals in the leaves were calculated. By the data of electron microscopy of the external leaf surface (close to the dumps), we found mineral phases of Ba (BaSO4), Hg (HgSe), Ag, Pb, Sb and Zn in large quantities. These data testify on the predominant aerogenic pollution of this territory. Thus, the leaves of Betula pendula R. are confirmed to be accumulators of metals, and the tree specie itself is an effective biomonitor. The results of this work may be used for the biogeochemical monitoring of the territories around tailings of mining enterprises with polymetallic specialization.

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